how to write an obituary

Step 1: Don’t write an obituary! Create an Epilogg instead. The traditional obituary limits you with only so many words and a tiny black & white image – something that could never show the colorful and complicated lives we want to celebrate. Epilogg helps you bring the life to your tribute. For free.

Step 2: Throw out the template. Jobs and facts are great, but what about the stuff between those bullet points? The living-life parts. Things like: The obsessive quest for the perfect burger. The uncle who was the 7th son of a 7th son. The side gig as an accordionist. The 34 years sober. Give these stories a place to live on. When you mix in “just the facts” pieces with unique, real-life stories (and photos!), something magical happens…a tribute just as unique as your loved one.

Step 3: Share + connect + follow. You’ve got a story. You’ve dropped in as many pics as you can find. You’ve added a virtual celebration plus plans for an in-person one as soon as possible. Now share the Epilogg with a click of a button. As you update, everyone gets alerted along the way, if they “follow” the Epilogg, too. One place to update. That’s it. Easy.

Step 4: Honor them. Donations, the Epilogg way. One perk of an Epilogg is that you get your own donation link, and your friends and family don’t even need to leave the page to donate. No separate accounts, no separate mailing lists. Everyone gets tax info, you know who to thank, and it’s all managed from your Epilogg account. Where has this been all our lives??

Step 5: You can do this. We’re here to help.