What will YOUR story be?

What will YOUR story be?

We’re reading obituaries all day every day, so we may have lost some perspective, but we here at Epilogg think telling a life story should be anything but gloomy or depressing.

Think of the all the memories, the adventures, the catch-phrases, the inside jokes, the epic fails, the triumphant wins, the simple joys of families, neighbors, and friends that make up each individual life story.

Have you thought at all about what YOUR story will be? Who will write it? Will your story be more than a little box in the back of a newspaper? Once again, this doesn’t have to be gloomy. Writing an obituary of any kind could take you 5 minutes or you could work on it for months. This applies to your loved ones, but also to yourself. Are we ready to think about how our life story will be told?

If we could write our own obituary, what would it say? What might you imagine people will think of your story when they read it 50 years from now? Will they know how much you loved hummingbirds? Ice cream? Camping? Professional wrestling?

One of the reasons we founded Epilogg was that we think there should be both joyful and bittersweet emotions in writing an obituary, because each life is joyful and bittersweet too. We think obituaries should be free. Period. With unlimited room for stories and photos. Easy to share. With tips on how to write an obituary.

What will YOUR story be, and how can Epilogg help you get started?