The Death Space

“The Death Space” is a phrase we at Epilogg hear a lot. It sounds a little less alarming to call our sector “End of Life Services” but we kinda like The Death Space. Bringing a little sci-fi energy to the startup world? From custom urns to green burials to death doulas to jewelry that preserves someone’s lock of hair, what’s new is old and what’s old is new and we’re excited to be in the mix.

Mainly we like the phrase because we think talking about death is super important and that by talking about death, you’re talking about life. At Epilogg, we want to help normalize the way we talk about death. Through Epilogg, you can ditch the solemn, cookie cutter, cliche-ridden ways to talk about someone who has died. You have unlimited space in an Epilogg so you get creative control. Simple or complicated, happy or sad, quirky or mainstream — all those stories belong in an Epilogg.  

We get asked all the time why we don’t charge people money for Epilogg. We think obituaries should be free and we think anyone anywhere should be able to tell the story of a loved one and have that story stick around. Obituaries in the newspaper do indeed serve a purpose, but did you know that the average newspaper obituary costs $750 for ONE DAY? For a tiny box with one photo and no oomph?  Where can we put the oomph???

Epilogg is simple to use, free, shareable, and oomph-friendly. It’s a free obituary, but better. Bizarre family stories? Bring em on. Wistful photos? Throw ‘em all in, and don’t forget to mention the burps and gaffes if you care to. Recipes? Poems? Eulogies? Riddles? Yes yes and yes (and yes).

In January 2021, Epilogg launched. Over the course of the last 12 months, we’ve learned a TON and we keep learning more every day. About what people want and need and the best way to get it out there. There were 220,000 visitors to Epilogg in that short time frame, so we know something’s clicking. We’re grateful for all our users who are on the frontier of what’s new and needed in the death space, and in the world.