A Better Obituary

The people we share our lives with are so colorful. Legendary in their own ways. Even the ordinary have their own kind of extraordinary, you know? And that’s what an Epilogg helps you capture — all their special kind of magic — in ways no traditional obituary can. For free.

Start Simple

Not sure where to start? Start here. Put up some basic information and come back later.

All in One Place

From creating and sharing events to writing an obituary, Epilogg is your all-in-one solution as you navigate the loss of your loved one.

Easy to “Follow”

A simple click on the “follow” button will effortlessly keep your family and friends up to date. See ya, group text.

How to Create an Epilogg

First, we’re so sorry that life has brought you here to us. But we’re here to help. As you’re surely navigating a sea of “I don’t even know where to start or what to do on the To Do List next,” start here. This one-minute 101 video shows you how to get going.

Customizing Your Epilogg

No matter if you’re the most creative person ever or the exact opposite, our tools make it easy to build an Epilogg and keep everyone connected throughout the commotion. And unlike a standard obituary, we’ll be here long after as both a place to grieve and to ensure your loved one’s special kind of magic lives on.

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Bringing Life to Obituaries

Epilogg gives you the chance to share the unique magic of your loved one and shout to the world about how much they mattered.