First thing every morning, my dad used to scan the obituary section of the local newspaper.  He’d say, “If I don’t see my name, it’s a good day.” True.  

I’ve taken to reading the obituaries too, though not every day.  It’s a rather strange experience to be looking through a list of dead people for someone you know.  I find most obits are cold, short death notices that tell you when there might be a service or how to send a memorial donation to the deceased’s favorite charity.  Valuable information yes, but not really an end of life exclamation point, or really even a period.

I think I’m also looking through the list of names and brief snippets for something more.  I think I’m looking for a reflection of life, not death. You know what I mean. It’s the rare obit about an inspirational person or a common person who had a great writer reflect their uncommonness and impact.  The deceased who left a mark on family, on friends, on community for how they lived not how they died. The lesson I learn from seeing a sparkling smile in the tiny headshot and find out they gave every penny they had to an entire graduating high school class so the kids in a small town could go to college.  Those special stories matter and frankly, there should be more of them.  

Every person should have the opportunity to leave behind the stories that made them special to others.  That is what Epilogg is all about.

Epilogg is not limited by how much you can afford.  It’s free.

Epilogg is not a list of names and columns.  It’s a vibrant, rich collection of your loved one’s photos, videos, stories and more as you choose.

Epilogg is not time consuming.  It’s easy to create on any device.

Epilogg is not complicated.  It’s a quick way to get information out about a loved one’s death and keep everyone updated as plans develop.

Epilogg is not about death. It’s about life.  Remembering and sharing the memorable moments of your loved one’s life for years to come.  Moments you seldom see in an obituary. 

Soon, I will be perusing Epiloggs every morning.  I’ll be checking my email for Epilogg updates on those I follow and most importantly, I will be looking for a daily dose of inspiration from stories that truly reflect life well-lived, not just a death.