WTIP Interview

WTIP Interview

The future of obituaries starts here! Epilogg.com is excited to join forces with vital local media partners like WTIP North Shore Community Radio to ensure that life stories are accessible to ALL.

Virtual Obituaries

How Viral Obituaries Bring Life to Death

When’s the last time you clicked on or liked an obituary? Exactly. The traditional obituary doesn’t get much attention in our news diet. Doesn’t that feel strange? That someone’s actual life story – told at the moment when it means the most – gets lost in the shuffle of, well, life. The exceptions — the viral obituaries — catch our eyes and hearts because someone went beyond the bulleted list of careers and “survived-bys” to tell a story that’s MORE. More real, more truthful. Even funny. You won’t find any of that in the “how to write an obituary” tips

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